Class Newsletter

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What Happened This Week!

This week was a chilly, but productive one. As the weather gets even colder, make sure to write your child's name on all the items they bring to class, especially coats, jackets, hats, and gloves! That way, if the items get replaced, they can be safely returned to your child.

In Language Arts, we learned about the letter F. We also read about how trees grow. We really enjoyed the story "The Grand Old Tree" and we liked discussing the life cycle of a tree.

In Math, we started our unit constructing and deconstructing numbers 11-20. In Social Studies, we started our unit on Holidays around the World! We learned about Hannukah, Ramadan, and Kwanzaa!

Just a reminder: please make sure to work on your Family Celebrations project! That way, we can bring your unique home culture into our classroom!

Family Celebration Projects are due MONDAY DECEMBER 17th!

In Science, we continued our unit on Seasons and Weather.

What’s Coming Up:

In Language Arts, we will be learning about the letter "R"! In Math, we will continue our unit on composing and taking apart numbers 11-20. In Social Studies, we will continue our unit on Holidays around the world. In Science, we will continue our unit on the weather!
Wish List
Gently Used Legos

Sight Words:


Week 1: the, can, I, a, and  Bonus: friend
Week 2: we, away, big, blue, come  Bonus: tools
Week 3: see, down, find, for, funny  Bonus: games
Week 4: go, help, here, in, is   Bonus: problem

Week 5: it, jump, little, look, make  Bonus: rules
Week 6: three, two, one, zero, for  Bonus: listen
Week 7: like, me, my, not, up   Bonus: routine
Week 8: play, red, run, said, to  Bonus: volume


Week 9: five, six, seven, eight, nine  Bonus: expect

Week 10: ten, where, you, yellow, do  Bonus: cultures

Week 11: all, am, are, at, be Bonus: community

Thanksgiving Break


Week 12: New:
ate, black, brown, but, came   Spelling: and, away  Bonus: plant

Week 13:New: did, eat, get, good, have  Spelling: big, blue  
Bonus: imagine

Week 14:
New: he, into, must, new, no   Spelling: can, come   
Bonus: special

Upcoming Events:

December 14th - Polar Express Day  (See your Friday Folder)
December 21st- January 2nd - Winter Break! (NO SCHOOL!)



are our technology and library days! Students may bring earphones in to better listen to the computer programs. You should send the earphones with the students name labeled on the item. In the case of earbuds, please send them in a baggie labeled with your child's name.

Thursdays are also when library BOOKS are due. Students may NOT check out books until they are given permission by their parents, You can find the form on our school's main website:

Students are responsible for bringing back and taking care of their own earphones and books. New Life Academy will not be responsible for lost.broken earphones or library books. Books are due every Thursday.

Friday Folders (GREEN) and Homework Folders (RED) are in your child's bookbag. Make sure you check the Friday Folders for your students' work! 

FRIDAY FOLDERS (Green) ARE DUE BACK ON MONDAY. Keep the homework folders until Thursday!

Our Class Schedule -

Lunch - 11:15-11:45
Chinese - 1:00-1:40

Monday - Physical Education - 9:00-9:45
Tuesday - Art - 9:00-9:45
Thursday - Technology/Library - 9:00-9:45 

New Life Reminders:

If the Gwinnett County cancels school, we will be canceled as well. If you have any questions, please see the Gwinnett County website for updates:

Gwinnett County Schools Site

Please remember to pack a change of clothes in a ziplock bag for your student. You must label the ziplock bag with your student’s name! 

Please label all your child’s personal items, such as bookbags, coats, jackets, umbrellas etc. with your child’s name and (if there is space) my name so that it can be safely returned to your student. Thank you! 

 Please keep practicing with your students on how to tie their shoes, tuck in their clothes, and buckle their belts. Thank you!

Morning Carpool is from 7:30-8:00! Any students coming in after 8:00 will be considered tardy! 

Early Checkout ends at 2:00

Afternoon Carpool is from 3:00-3:30! Please pick up your student on time!

Useful Links:
Ms. Clarke's Resource Page

Thank you for your  continuing support of our classroom!

Ms. Siak

Week 26: New: open, over, put, round, some Old: black, brown, but, came, did  Bonus: chores

Week 27: New: stop, take, thank, them, then Old: do, eat, for, get, have  Bonus: respect

Week 28: New: think all fee were due on February 2nd! That includes Graduation and In- all fee were due on February 2nd! That includes Graduation and In-Class Field Trip and Weekly reader fees. WE STILL ARE MISSING SEVERAL FEES. Please be aware that students will not be able to participate in the field trips coming up in April and May if the fees are NOT paid.
Class Field Trip and Weekly reader fees. WE STILL ARE MISSING SEVERAL FEES. Please be aware that students will not be able to participate in the field trips coming up in April and May if the fees are NOT paid.

, walk, were, when, why Old: he, into, like, must, new Bonus: knowledge

Week 29: New: both, wish, green these, which   Old: no, now, on, our, out   Bonus: organize