New Student Information 2022-2023
We would like to officially welcome you to New Life Academy of Excellence.
We know that many of you are working to get documents in and ready to begin the process of starting a new school year.
In an effort to give you some insight into what our school year has been like, please click the link below to view our short video.

The information listed on the page is solely for those families who have been issued an offer from the Student Services Department.

If you are looking for information on Enrollment or how to apply please go back to the enrollment tab.


Welcome to New Life Academy of Excellence!

This page will hold all of the information that you need to complete the enrollment process for New Life Academy of Excellence.

The links to your left hold the following:

Calendar of Events:  Any dates during the enrollment process.

Registration Information:  Instruction on how to complete the enrollment process.

Contact Student Services:  A way to reach out to us with questions.