Ms. Griffin's ELA and Social Studies Class

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Welcome to Ms. Griffin's ELA and Social Studies class. We are going to be learning so much this year and will have so much fun!

What are we learning this week?

English Language Arts:
In reading, students will determine the main idea, summarize, and analyze events, procedures, ideas or concepts in historical, scientific, or technical text. They will practice previewing text to determine the text structure (chronological, problem/solution, cause/effect, compare/contrast). They will learn to analyze different accounts of the same event or topic to describe similarities and differences in the information.

In writing, students will use transitions to make connections clear in their writing, think about how to express their ideas visually, write a big, bold beginning, and push their writing more by providing more details. 

In grammar, students will continue to identify the vivid verb in the sentence.

There are games and videos posted on the Language Arts Google Classroom for them to practice the skill.
Important Vocabulary Words to Know
chronology, comparison, cause, effect, problem, solution, text structure, events, procedure, ideas or concepts, historical text, scientific text, technical text, evidence, main idea, summary, firsthand account, secondhand account, transition words/phrases, beginning, visual writing

Social Studies 
Students will describe the role of the Black Regiments and the impact they had on the American Revolution. They will also learn about the battles of Lexington and Concord and Saratoga. 

Students can watch review videos and play games on the Social Studies Google Classroom.

Important Vocabulary Words to Know:
loyalist, patriots, redcoats, tyranny, Sons of Liberty, Daughters of Liberty, boycott, benefit, debt, alliance, independence, protest, slogan, tax, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Declaration of Independence