Week at a Glance

       Welcome lifelong learners to 4th grade! Our hope is that your love for reading, writing, math, science, and history will multiply throughout the year. Let's have a great year!

Week of October 2nd~6th  

Language Arts
This week, students will be presenting their poetry. 

This week in ALL (Additional Language and Literacy) block students will be working on a digital escape room on main idea

Important Vocabulary Words to Know

main idea, supporting details, central idea

This week, students will interpret, model and solve problems involving multiplicative comparisons. Also, students will represent the problem with an equation using a variable. 
Important Vocabulary Words to Know  Multiplicative, Additive, Comparison, Distinguish between, Bar Diagram

Students will be taking the Ecosystem assessment on September 11th. Students will plan an investigation to show the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on an object.  

Important Vocabulary Words to Know

force, gravitational force, balanced force, unbalanced force

Social Studies
In social studies, students will explain the major events, results, and people of the American Revolution. They will describe the impact of voluntary exchange and trade during the American Revolution. They will take the Unit 2 American Revolution Part 2 Test on Tuesday. 

There are review videos and games students can play in the Google Classroom.

Important Vocabulary Words to Know
opportunity cost, price incentive, specialization, analysis, compare, generalization, conclusion, Minutemen, marshy, surrender