Week at a Glance

       Welcome lifelong learners to 4th grade! Our hope is that your love for reading, writing, math, science, and history will multiply throughout the year. Let's have a great year!

Last Week of School!

Language Arts
In reading, students will read an expository text on fingertips. They will also make predictions and connections based on short clips of narratives. 

In writing, students will write about what they will do during summer break, end of year memories, and reflect upon the year. 

Important Vocabulary Words to Know
expository text, genre, connections, predictions

In math, students will demonstrate their knowledge about all the concepts and skills in the grade 4.
Important Vocabulary Words to Know
 addition, subtraction, area model, multiplication, division, product, quotient, estimation


In science, students will research an animal and conduct labs.

Important Vocabulary Words to Know

 sound, vibrations, waves, energy, strength, speed, pitch, volume

Social Studies
In social studies, students will create a scrapbook on Beijing, China. 

Important Vocabulary Words to Know
research, facts, summarize