Sight Words


Week 1: the, can, I, a, and  Bonus: friend

Week 2: we, away, big, blue, come  Bonus: tools

Week 3: see, down, find, for, funny  Bonus: games

Week 4: go, help, here, in, is   Bonus: problem


Week 5: it, jump, little, look, make  Bonus: rules

Week 6: three, two, one, zero, four  Bonus: listen

Week 7: like, me, my, not, up   Bonus: routine

Week 8: play, red, run, said, to  Bonus: volume


Week 9: five, six, seven, eight, nine  Bonus: except

Week 10: ten, where, you, yellow, do  Bonus: cultures

Week 11: all, am, are, at, be Bonus: community
Week 12: New: ate, black, brown, but, came   

Old: and, away  Bonus: plant
Thanksgiving Break

Week 13:New: did, eat, get, good, have  

Old: big, blue   Bonus: imagine

Week 14:
New: he, into, must, new, no   
Old: can, come   Bonus: special

Winter Break


Week 15: New: now, please, pretty, on, out 
Old: down, find 
Bonus: weather

Week 16: New: ran, ride, saw, say, she 
Old: for, funny 
Bonus: predict

Week 17: New: so, soon, that, there, they 
Old: go, help 
Bonus: prepare

Week 18: New:this, too, under, want, was  Old: here, in, is, it  
Bonus: exercise


Week 19: New: well, went, what, white, who  
Old: jump, little, look, make  
Bonus: compared

Week 20: New: will, with, yes, after, again 
Old: me, my, not, one   
Bonus: join

Week 21: New: an, any, ask, as, by  
Old: play, red, run, said  
Bonus: depend

Week 22: New: could, every, fly, from give  
Old: see, the, three, to
Bonus: journey


Week 23: New: going, had, has, her, him  
Old: two, up, we, where  
Bonus: purpose

Week 24: New: his, how, just, know, let  
Old: yellow, you, all, am    
Bonus: challenge

Week 25: New: live, may, of, old, once  
Old: are, at, ate, be 
Bonus: connect

Week 26: New: open, over, put, round, some 
Old: black, brown, but, came, did  
Bonus: chores


Week 27: New: stop, take, thank, them, then 
Old: do, eat, for, get, have  
Bonus: respect

Week 28: New: think, walk, were, when, why 
Old: he, into, like, must, new 
Bonus: knowledge

Week 29: New: both, wish, green these, which   Old: no, now, on, our, out   
Bonus: organize 


Week 30: pretty, please, ran, ride, saw, say, she

Bonus: plants

Week 31: soon, that, there, they, this, too, under, want
Bonus: symbol

*Please practice spelling the sight words above because there will be a Sight Word Test on Friday. Reminder: the students will need to know how to spell all their sight words for their test.