Week at a Glance

Week of Mar. 4th-8th, 2024

Language Arts
This module focuses on the importance of clean freshwater around the world. In Unit 1, students read the text One Well: The Story of Water on Earth to build background knowledge about freshwater around the world and the three issues: access to water, demands on water, and water pollution. Students continue their study of the three issues related to water, this time reading different texts about each issue and comparing the point of view of the authors to their own point of view. Students will add to the research begun in Unit 1 by rereading the module texts for solutions for each issue. Students then write an opinion essay about the importance of water conservation. In Unit 3, students plan and create a video public service announcement to educate people about their chosen water issue and to encourage them to take action with specific recommendations to solve the problem. They write invitational letters to guests for the live launch of their video PSA. For the performance task, students present a live “launch” of the PSA (public service announcement) they created about a water issue. The presentation includes a personal reflection on why this issue is important and a brief description of the process of creating a public service announcement.

Important Vocabulary Words to Know
statistic, agriculture, resource, persuade, fresh water, source, connected, affect, species, additionally, furthermore, icecaps, global, glaciers, faucet, groundwater, surface, societies, essential, industry, hydroelectric, equivalent, limited, illustration, recount, contribute, gist, analyze, brief, certainly, connection, conveyed, criteria, infer, generate. Math
In Unit 11, your child will learn how to find the perimeter of a figure using addition and multiplication equations. Also how to determine an unknown side length of a figure when the perimeter and some side lengths are given. 

Important Vocabulary Words to Know

Perimeter-the distance around the outside of a 2-dimensional figure.
Area- the amount of surface inside a 2-dimensional shape.
Unknown- a missing number, or the number to be solved for.

Students will be able to construct an explanation to describe the relationship between the types of pollution and the impact of the humans on the environment.

Important Vocabulary Words to Know

1.Pollution-harmful things in the air, land, or water. 2. Acid Rain-rainwater containing chemicals that can break down rock. Household combustion devices, motor vehicles, industrial facilities and forest fires are the common sources of air pollution. 
Science Experiments!
 1. Acid rain with plants. 2. Celery with food coloring. Students will observe and record how pollution creates change to the environment.

Social Studies
In Chapter 9 the students will be learning about the establishment of the English colonies.  The following colonies will be discussed:

1.  Roanoke Colony
2.  Virginia Colony
3.  Jamestown Colony
4.  Plymouth Colony
5.  Massachusetts Colony
6.  Pennsylvania Colony
7.  Georgia Colony

Also be aware of the economic and religious reasons why colonies were established.

Important Vocabulary Words to Know

economic motivations             profit            Virginia Company           Puritans
religious motivations              charter          Pilgrims