Week at a Glance

       Welcome lifelong learners to 4th grade! Our hope is that your love for reading, writing, math, science, and history will multiply throughout the year. Let's have a great year!

Week of February 26th ~ March 1st 

Language Arts
In reading, students will begin working on their own opinion writing. 

In ALL Block, students will work on fluency and analyzing the parts of an opinion essay. 

Homework for the Week

Important Vocabulary Words to Know
opinion, reasons, evidence, Painted Essay, structure, analyze, states, support, specific, independence, govern, rights, loyalty, introductory paragraph, prepositional phrases, Great Britain, British, independence

In math, students will draw a right, acute, obtuse, and straight angles based on the relationship of the angle measure to 90 degree.
Important Vocabulary Words to Know degree, circle, rotation, vertex, acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, straight angle

In science, students will take a test on the solar system, stars, planets, and technological advances on Monday. 

On Tuesday, students will plan and carry out an investigation to observe and record how light interacts with various materials.

Important Vocabulary Words to Know

transparent, translucent, opaque

Social Studies
In social studies, students will discuss the challenges and contributions of Sojourner Truth to the Abolitionist Movement, and the challenges and contributions faced by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony during the Suffrage Movement. 

Important Vocabulary Words to Know
abolitionist, abolish, slavery, enslaved, conductor, suffragist, women's rights, equality, illegal, influential, Underground Railroad