Asynchronous Digital Days

** Students should read daily at home for at least 30 minutes. **

** Majority of assignments will be completed in the Google Classrooms. All assignments on Google Classrooms have an icon of a clipboard and will be posted by 7:30 am of the asynchronous digital day. **

You can look here to see the assignments your child has in the Google Classrooms. 

March 17, 2022 Assignments
** Must be completed on the day assigned. **
The following assignments will be posted in the Classwork tab of the Google Classrooms by 7:30 am. 

Reading - See How They Run Re-read Google Slide Questions 
Writing, Grammar & Spelling - Spelling: Inflectional Ending Word Sort
Math - Pixel Art: Perimeter
Science - TransparentTranslucent/Opaque Edpuzzle & Transparent?Translucent?Opaque Edpuzzle 
Social Studies - Finish Suffragist and Abolitionists Summative Prompt and Rubric & finish any unfinished Edpuzzles. 

** There are games and videos posted on the all of the Google Classrooms for students to review and practice different concepts and skills. **