Chinese Curriculum

Kinder Chinese ( K – 1st Grade)

A. Listening Communication  

  • Understand and respond to name introductions
  • Understand the concept of numbers 1-10 by identifying numbers of objects given
  • Understand and respond to questions about age
  • Identify 7 days of the week
  • Identify 12 months
  • Identify 5 primary colors
  • Understand selected names of pets, farm animals, zoo animals
  • Understand and identify immediate family members
  • Understand and identify main classroom objects
  • Understand selected common fruits and food items
  • Understand main body parts

B. Linguistic Awareness

  • Become familiar with the Chinese intonation, tones, and rhythms by learning to
  • chant popular mother goose songs
  • sing popular children’s songs
  • recite classic poems

C. Culture

  • Know where China is on a map or globe
  • Describe what Chinese look like
  • Experience what and how Chinese eat
  • Explore the Great Wall and big pandas

Level  I   ( 2nd – 3rd grades)

A.   Basic Oral and Listening Communication

  • Use common greetings and classroom politeness expressions
  • Respond to classroom instructions and directions
  • Express basic personal needs and emotions
  • Respond to questions regarding personal information

B. Character Vocabulary Development

  • Recognize and manipulate two digit numbers
  • Name and recognize days of the week
  • Name and recognize months of the year
  • Name and recognize main family members
  • Name and recognize primary colors
  • Name and recognize selected pets and farm animals
  • Name and recognize selected fruits
  • Name and recognize selected market foods and beverages
  • Name and recognize main body parts
  • Name and recognize selected classroom objects
  • Name and recognize selected types of clothing
  • Name and recognize selected types of hobbies
  • Name and recognize basic body movement
  • Name and recognize rooms in the house
  • Name and recognize basic elements of nature

C. Character Writing

  • Name and write basic strokes
  • Write numbers 1 - 10 in character forms

D. Culture

  • Locate China on a world map or globe
  • Discover where Chinese live in the world and local communities
  • Locate China’s capital on a map of China
  • Locate the Great Wall on a map of China
  • Explore China’s main holidays

Level  II  (  4th – 5th grades)

A. Oral and Listening Communication 

  • Comprehend and respond appropriately to greetings, farewells, thanking, and apologies
  • Respond to classroom instructions and directions
  • Recognize time by hour, half hour and digital format
  • Ask and answer questions about a date (day, month and year)
  • Identify seasons and describe weathers
  • Give self-introduction and introducing others (name,  relationship)

B. Character Vocabulary Development and Sentence Patterns

  • Express nationalities
  • Express possessions
  • Express likes and dislikes
  • Express wants and needs
  • Describe color and size of items
  • Tell whereabouts
  • Describe abilities
  • Describe on-going activities
  • Describe size, length, and width
  • Perform addition and subtraction operations

C. Character Writing

  • Identify and write basic radicals or primaries
  • Write selected basic single-part characters

D. Culture 

  • Locate China and its surrounding countries
  • Locate two great rivers on a map of China
  • Explore China’s eating and dress customs similar to or different from America’s or of other cultures

Level  III   (6th – 8th grades)

A. Oral and Listening Communication

  • Understand and respond to Yes and No questions
  • Understand and respond to Interrogative questions
  • Ask for directions and prices

B. Character Vocabulary Development and Sentence Patterns

  • Identify and describe professions
  • Identify and describe public places in the community
  • Describe means of transportation
  • Describe weather conditions
  • Describe calendar events
  • Describe locations of items
  • Perform multiplication and division operations
  • Identify and describe shapes

B. Reading

  • Read and comprehend short narratives and passages

C. Character Writing 

  • Write compound and multiple parts characters    

D. Composition

  • Construct simple sentences
  • Write short narratives on familiar topics

E. Culture

  • Explore China’s geographic features
  • Explore China’s dynasty system
  • Observe and appreciate Chinese cultural art: calligraphy, painting

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