Lottery Results 22.23

NLAE LR 22.23

Lottery Results 2022-2023 & Instructions

Good afternoon,

Once again, Thank you for your interest in New Life Academy of Excellence, Inc.

The results are in...

Please read this message in its entirety as results will not be given over the phone at this time.


1. Grades 2nd - 4th have an individual page for their results.  

Grades 5th - 8th are all on one page.  

2. Please locate your grade level for the upcoming school year (2022-2023). 

This is a crucial step, you must locate your correct grade level.

3.  2nd - 4th Grade, you will have two separate tables, one that states:

Enrollment:  these are the students who will fill the open seats.

Waiting list: these are the students who are on the waiting list.

4. 5th - 8th grade each grade level will only have one table as there are no seats available in those grade levels and all students will be waitlisted.

5. Your Lottery Number that was sent to you via email/text on 2/11/22 or 2/14/22 can be located on the right-hand column that states “Lottery Number”.

6. The left column titled "Position" is your order. The position does not matter for the Enrollment Table (2nd -4th Grade), however, it does matter for the waitlist order.

For Example:

Lottery number 18, was the 6th number drawn and will be offered one of the 14 seats that were available on the 3rd Grade Enrollment Table.

Lottery number 19, was the 18th number drawn and is number 4 on the waiting list.

Those students who have been selected on the Enrollment Table 

Click below to see the results!

Lottery Results 2022-2023

Results can also be found on the home screen of our school website at

Students who were selected for the open seats will receive an offer on Thursday, February 17, 2022.