Language Enhancement Program

New Life Academy of Excellence concentrates on Chinese as a bilingual program along with our regular Harcourt curriculum. We chose Chinese as our language enhancement program in addition to standard English for the following reasons 

  • The Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world. According to studies the Chinese language is    the number one spoken language in the world.
  • Studies indicate that students who took a foreign language course had higher SAT/ACT scores than those that did not have such an experience.   Language learning is a unique exercise of mind, helping develop logical and analytical patterning system (left-brain process).  Learning Chinese can actually improve your mental ability. Unlike the alphabet-based western languages, the written Chinese language is a language of  symbols/pictures.  Learning to recognize Chinese characters is basically a right-brain process.
  • Learning Chinese characters has been used to improve the intelligence of children with genetic disabilities.  Its effects were profound and significant.
  • China’s tremendous economic growth and emergence as a cultural and political leader has increased the need for the United States to educate American students who can speak Chinese proficiently and can demonstrate an understanding of Chinese culture.
  • The demand for business people who know Chinese (Mandarin) is skyrocketing.
  • New Life Academy of Excellence’s goal is to be instrumental in meeting this need by producing bi-lingual students who are not only fluent in both English and Chinese, but who also will be able to function in both languages academically, intellectually and socially.