Spirit Wear

Students may wear their NLAE Spirit Wear with blue or black jeans/ jean shorts and white or black tennis shoes.

Students not in Spirit Wear must wear their regular school uniform. 

Students MUST adhere to the following dress code guidelines on Out of Uniform Days:

  • Clothing must cover the body. Undergarments and midriffs should not be exposed.
  • Ripped/torn jeans should not be worn.
  • No hats, hoods, or sunglasses.
  • Articles of clothing that have words or designs that suggest obscenity, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and/or gang behaviors are prohibited.
  • Bedroom shoes/slippers are prohibited.
  • Pajamas should not be worn.

Students not adhering to these guidelines may be asked to call a parent/guardian to provide their child with a change of clothes.

Spirit Wear