6th - 8th Grade Uniform


  • Oxford Shirt, White, short sleeve or long sleeve

  • Plaid Full Wrap Skort (Plaid #91) or Plaid skirt(Plaid #91)

  • Khaki Flat Front Slacks

  • Blazer, Burgundy

  • Cross Tie (Plaid #91)

  • Knee socks, white or burgundy

  • Shoes- Black with rubber soles (No open toes, sneakers, boots or Heelys)


  • Oxford Shirt, white

  • Pleated or Flat front Double-Knee Pant, Khaki, with logo

  • Pleated or Flat front shorts, Khaki, with logo

  • Blazer, Burgundy

  • Tie (Plaid #91)

  • Belt-Black

  • Socks-Black

  • Shoes- Black with rubber soles (No sneakers, boots or Heelys)

P.E. Uniform (All)

  • P.E. T-shirt

  • Burgundy P.E. Shorts

  • Heather Grey P.E. sweatpants

  • Heather Grey P.E. sweatshirt (optional)

  • Socks- All white or all black

  • Shoes- All white or All black sneakers


Throughout the school year, students will have opportunities to dress "Out of Uniform."

The following Dress Code must be followed on these days:

  • Clothing must cover the body. Undergarments and midriffs should not be exposed.

  • Ripped/torn jeans should not be worn.

  • No hats, hoods, or sunglasses.

  • Articles of clothing that have words or designs that suggest obscenity, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and/or gang behaviors are prohibited.

  • Bedroom shoes/slippers are prohibited.

  • Pajamas should not be worn.

Students not adhering to these guidelines may be asked to call a parent/guardian to provide their child with a change of clothes.