Transportation Information

Please fill out THIS FORM to update the transportation option for your student(s) for school year 2024-2025.

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Our goal is to ensure that each child, family, and staff member arrive and depart from New Life Academy of Excellence safely. Please adhere to the following guidelines during your time in carpool.



Morning Carpool:


  1. Please follow the lead of the police officer tasked with controlling the flow of traffic.

  2. Make sure that your child is alert, packed up, and ready to exit the vehicle.

  3. Follow the carpool staff to be placed in the proper lane.

  4. Please remain in your car at all times.

  5. If possible, please allow your child to sit on the passenger side or be able to cross over to the passenger side. If this is not possible for your vehicle, let a staff member know that your child is on the driver's side (give us a wave!).

  6. Once your lane has stopped and is ready to unload, PLACE YOUR VEHICLE IN PARK

  7. If you are in lane TWO (lane closest to the fence), please wait until a staff member motions your child to be released. If lane ONE (lane closest to the school building) is driving it is UNSAFE for your child to be out of your vehicle.

  8. In the event that your child has forgotten anything in your vehicle, please wave down a staff member or bring it to the front desk.

  9. Once all students have exited the vehicles in your lane, please wait for a staff member to release your lane before moving.

  10. Please do not drop off at the front of the building during carpool hours (7:30-8:00am).  Once carpool has closed, please pull through the front of the building.  Students entering through the front will be considered tardy.


Afternoon Carpool


  1. Please follow the lead of the police officer.

  2. Carpool line starting point: In order to prevent congestion, our starting point for carpool is the New Life Academy of Excellence Training Center located diagonally across from the school.  Please follow the lead of the officer on duty.

  3. Make sure you have your burgundy car rider tag or the orange temporary tag visible to staff. If you do not have a tag, you will be directed to a staff member at the front office lane to show your ID and receive a temporary tag.

  4. Please remain in the lane to which you are directed.  Switching lanes will delay carpool!

  5.  Remain in your car at all times.

  6. Once your lane is at a complete stop, place your car in park.

  7. After your child is secured in your vehicle and your lane is released, you may exit the carpool lane.

  8. During afterschool bus/carpool dismissal hours (2:30-3:30pm), parents will not be allowed to enter the building.  This is for the safety of our students, and we ask that you request an appointment to speak with your teacher.  Thank you for your understanding!




Car rider tags are the form of identification for picking up students in carpool. It is crucial that you always have the correct car rider tag displayed from your rearview mirror or in a place that is visible to staff members in order to keep the line moving.

New/replacement tags may be ordered here.