School Nutrition

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School Nutrition Program

JULY 1, 2024
Applications Released

Official Free/Reduced Lunch applications for the upcoming school year are available (Printed and online).  Physical copies may be requested and submitted to the school office.

JULY 1 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2024
Grace Period

Submitted applications are processed for school year 2024-2025.  If you child was FREE or REDUCED during school year 2023-2024, your child will carry-over their eligibility status until the end of the grace period (September 16, 2024) or once the new application has been processed.  
Families with carryover eligibility who do not complete a new application will return to full pay once the grace period has ended.

Applications may be submitted throughout the school year.  This includes multiple submissions for changes in family/income/etc. 

New applications will replace those on file at the time of submission.


NOTE on Pre-payments: Our program is self-supporting and the financial health of our program depends on parents keeping accounts up to date. We encourage parents to prepay to ensure their child’s account always has funds to cover meals. Most commonly, parents prepay by the week, month, or for the entire year.